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“I was suffering from LUMBER SPONDYLOSIS. Since two years and not got results from anyone i have visited to Asha Homeopathic Clinic Miraj. And now totally relieved from my pains & Living healthy life. Thank you Asha Homeopathy"
Mr. Haribhau Magdum Sangli
(Disease- Lumber Spondylosis)
“I had reported ANXIETY INSOMNIA. With Headache & daytime somnolence, and a fatigue with heartburn, Regurgitation Epigastric pain, Breathlessness on exertion. Then I Visited ASHA homoeopathy and started my Homoeopathic Treatment. I have cured completely."
Mr. Gurav
(Disease- Diaphragmatic Palsy)
“I was diagnosed CANCER OF CERVIX. All Allopathic Doctors left hope about my survival & being cured. After that I started homoeopathic medicine at Asha Homoeocare where my general health & Symptoms of cancer improved. Now with homoeopathic treatment from Dr B S Bhosale not only my Cancer of Cervix is cured but also My Immunity power & health is improved with no more cancer cells in my recent pathology reports and I have started my work & living my life with same spirit again. Thanks a lot Homoeopathy Homoeopathy is the only Science who can cure your all disease.”
Mrs. Chhaya Patil
(Disease- Cervical Cancer)
“I came for the treatment of DIABETES AND DEPRESSION. The treatment was so good that I came out of depression completely as well as got good control of my diabetes. I want to continue with my treatment for my diabetic problem since it has given me very good results. I am very satisfied with the treatment and also thank Dr Manjari Sharma who is responsible for my treatment.”
Mr Pankaj Patil
(Disease Depression & Diabetes)
" My son Parth was admitted in ICU and diagnosed as GUILLIAN-BARRE SYNDROME. He was in ICU for 60 days on life support drugs and Tracheotomies. His whole body paralyzed (Polyneuropathy). Doctors left hope that our child could not survived. But, I started homoeopathic treatment & few days later my son was out of ventilator. He gradually started talking and recovered from paralysis. Now he is completely cured. I saw the miracles of homoeopathy which cured the disease completely as well as healing power on dynamic level. My son could survive only and living healthy life only because of homoeopathic treatment."
Master Parth`s Father
(Disease- Guillain-Barre Syndrome)
“I was diagnosed case of ACUTE INTESTINAL OBSTRUCTION. I was in agony with severe abdominal pain, abdominal bloating decreased appetite, nausea feeling, constipation, severe abdominal cramps with abdominal swelling. Doctors from allopathic branch advise me to operate immediately (Laprotomy). But, as soon as I reached to Asha Homoeocare my all symptoms cure within 2 days with Homoeopathic medicines. No need to operate. Now I can say that homoeopathic medicines are magic. "
Mr. Mujawar
(Disease- Intestinal Obstruction)
“I was diagnosed case of CHRONIC SUBDURAL HEMATOMA with forgetfulness. I was confused, change behavior altered sensorium, Headache lethargy weakness, apathy. My general looks and as well as my condition was very bad when brought to Asha Homoeocare. I started homoeopathic treatment. Now when saw my previous videos and pictures I was shocked. Does homoeopathy has wonder? Yes homoeopathy have given me new life and cured my incurable illness."
Mr. Gurav
(Disease- Chronic Subdural Hematoma)
“I was diagnosed BELLS PALSY. I had complaints of drooping eyelid left with deviation angle of mouth right side. Difficulty in chewing. After homoeopathic treatment my case was completely cured and it restored my health. "
Mr. Ramesh Gadkari
(Disease- Bell`s Palsy)
"I was known case of RECURRENT ABORTION. Conception was difficult for me. As soon as I become pregnant I started bleeding from vagina. Severe pain in abdomen with backache then I suddenly came to know homoeopathy can do wonders, I started dynamic homoeopathic medicines. After two months I become pregnant. I won`t believe that homoeopathic medicines can do such wonder. "
Mrs. Bhosale
(Disease- Recurrent Abortion)
“I was suffering from RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS. Before coming to homoeopathy. I had severe joint pains, my pain aggravates when i move or I stand, while walking. Even to live life was very difficult for me. But homoeopathic medicines improve my hope against my disease, made me survive as I was in agony it gives me new life to get rid of my complaints.Only homoeopathic medicines which cure me completely. "
Mrs. Mangala Shinde
(Disease- Rheumatoid Arthritis)
“I was diagnosed as known case of DEMYELIZATION OF OPTIC NERVE. I was under the treatment of ophthalmologist. I lost my vision. I felt sad, disappointed that god done injustice with me. But after homoeopathic treatment I gradually improve my eyesight, my vision improved I want to give message to this society that homoeopathic medicines have great miracles. "
Mrs. Suryawanshi
(Disease- Demyelization Of Optic Nerve)
“I was diagnosed as incurable and hopeless case of CANCER OF STOMACH WITH CARCINOID TUMOR AND METASTASIS. Doctors from other branch predicted that I could not survive for more than 15 days. Cancer spreads in all over the body. After receiving treatment from Asha Homoeocare I gradually started improvement in my state of health. My general condition, immunity started on the path of recovery after few months my pathological findings become absolutely normal. Now I am completely cured by homoeopathy which have rejuvenated me & given me new life with full of hopes. "
Mr. Mohammad Miraje
(Disease- Cancer of Stomach & Carcinoid Tumor with Metastasis )