Dr. B. S. Bhosale (M.D.) Classical Homoeopath

Dr. B. S. Bhosale is a bright scholar outstanding successful charismatic teacher & eminent speaker, Dynamic Homoeopathic physician who is admired by fellow practitioners & student alike.

Dr. B.S.Bhosale has been practicing classical Homoeopathy in all over Maharashtra since last 19 years.

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He is energetic, spiritual, holistic healer. His enthusiasms & dedication to homoeopathy is highly infectious. He has a hand of Healer, a physician`s touch. His achievement & Contribution in the field of homoeopathy are recognized & acknowledge immensely. He is a regular presentor at various National & International Seminars & Workshop.

His lectures, workshops & presentations are tremendously engrossing, thought-provoking, highly informative & stimulating to the listener. He has unique style of his own laced with Humour . He cures patients from all walks of life with the same devotion & sincerity.

After completing graduation he went to Calcutta to quench his thirst for homoeopathy & work Under the light of Guidance by late Dr. S.K.Dubey Sir Calcutta, well known for his “DUBEY`S MATERIA MEDICA” & keen sense of observation. In the other words Dr. B. S. Bhosale can be considered as an indirect but true follower of Dt. J.T. Kent.

He conducted several homoeopathic camps in remote areas of south Maharashtra with good results in a classical way with a team of doctors assisting him seeing more than 100-150 patients/day. He has an excellent command over MATERIA MEDICA, REPERTORY, and ORGANON. He is very Mesmerizing to the audience. His passion is to treat his patients holistically under the strict guidelines of homoeopathic practice. His special interest in homoeopathy is to treat children who are suffering with the problems like AUTISM (ASD), ASPERGER`S Syndrome, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) ,Dyslexia issues of Mental Retarded Growth, people with medically unexplained symptoms or illnesses & those who did not achieve great result from other forms of treatment.

He is healer & expert in treating diseases like Cancer, Chronic Renal Failure, Skin Diseases, Genetic Disorders, Autoimmune Disorders, Gestational Diabetes Mellitus, Psychiatric Ailments, and Obesity etc. And all Chronic as well as Acute illnesses.