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Dr. B S. Bhosale is ONE amongst the Few of the people responsible for pioneering Classical homeopathy in India, with the zeal to strengthen the belief in Homoeopathy.

In 2000, when he graduated in Homoeopathy medicine, homeopathy was regarded as an a art, which was not much profoundly realised Nor practiced as acurrately as preached by the Master. Hahnemann.

It was practiced mainly by amateurs with partial and not complete knowledge of Homeopathic Dynamics leading to partial cures.Less did people know about the wonders of depth of cures Homoeopathy could provide, and were clouded with modern medicine only.

However, early to realize the importance of homeopathy in healing, he took up the challenge of standardizing it to bring it at par with conventional medicine. He also legitimized homeopathy as a paid and professional service astrusely in South Maharashtra

He started his Clinic with the name ASHA HOMOEOPATHY in Miraj just after completion of his graduation. Simultaneously started his practice in nearby 20-25 Towns & Villages with only aim in mind “CURING PATIENT WITH RIGHT HOMOEOPATHY& making people aware of benefits of Classical Homoeopathy”.

It is largely because of his entrepreneurial courage, dedication, foresight and medical skills that homeopathy is viewed as a modern, progressive, efficient and effective medical science today in south Maharashtra and many parts of the country.

After completing graduation he went to Calcutta to quench his thirst for homoeopathy & work Under the light of Guidance by late Dr. S.K.Dubey Sir Calcutta, well known for his “DUBEY`S MATERIA MEDICA” & keen sense of observation. In the other words Dr. B. S. Bhosale can be considered as an indirect but true follower of Dr. J.T. Kent.

As he was aware only graduation will not help him to fulfill his greed about homoeopathy, He pursued his masters in 2009-2010.

His mission is not limited to Miraj only, but with the vision of spreading Classical Homoeopathy, He Started ASHA HOMOEOPATHY’s 2nd branch at Chiplun in 2003, at Kolhapur in 2005, at Mumbai in 2006, at Pune in 2015 & at Sangola in 2019, many more to come…

ASHA Homoeopathy is well known in Southern Maharashtra with more than 1 lakhs patients visited & cured permanently, and is happy to bring the change, the smile to many families.

He has not only set up the largest homeopathy clinic but also extended the medical benefits of this safe and natural medical system in the country, through path-breaking commercial as well as charitable initiatives & Free Health Camps for various grave, thought to be incurable cases as well.

His lectures, workshops & presentations are tremendously engrossing, thought-provoking, highly informative & stimulating to the listener. He has been the torch bearerin guiding many keen budding homoeopaths, and practioners.

He has unique style of his own laced with Humor. He cures patients from all walks of life with the same devotion & sincerity.

In the Journey of Homoeopathy, being Director of ASHA Homoeopathy Dr B. S. Bhosale has achieved many awards and acclamations to his badge at various National & International Levels.