Basic Courses

From the master of Ηomeopathy

Basic Courses

Now is your chance of a lifetime to learn the best practice of homeopathy from Master of Ηomeopathy, Dr. B. S. Bhosale

Each Course consists of a wide selection of live cases: their management includes case-taking, case analysis, pathology evaluation, comparison of remedies, homeopathic philosophy, prescribing strategies and an in-depth insight into some of the difficulties encountered in a homeopathic practice.

The Courses are intended to illustrate the correct way of thinking during the process of case-taking, and how an analysis of the proper way of evaluating symptoms and their synthesis can result in the accurate homeopathic remedy – the similimum.

All Courses are taught by Dr. B. S. Bhosale where you will have the advantage of benefiting from his eighteen years’ experience.

The “Levels of Health” principle is breaking new ground not only for homeopathy but also for medicine in general. It provides a blueprint that can confirm whether a patient is improving or regressing under a specific treatment, homeopathic or any other modality – it is an indication, in fact, of whether a patient’s health is actually improving, or whether treatment is simply just ameliorating the symptoms.

Dr. B. S. Bhosale emphasizes the essential comparisons when consulting the Materia Medica, and presents new ideas that enhance awareness and understanding regarding the function of the human body, in health and disease.

In short, at the ASHA Homoeopathy the student will be able to see the practical application of unicist homeopathy but most importantly will experience for themselves the unquestionable effectiveness of Classical, Hahnemannian Homeopathy.

The purpose of the ASHA Homoeopathy is to prepare our many serious medical students from all around the world to become authentic professional healers in Classical, Hahnemannian Homeopathy and, in time, respected pillars of their society.